Diana Marin writes on “Love in a Time of Climate Change”

CTA Re/Generator Diana Marin co-wrote a beautiful reflection with her colleague, Rachel Plattus, about how their involvement in the Nuns & Nones movement is transforming the way they think of climate change. They write:

As we begin to weave together the many stories that make up the larger story of Nuns and Nones, we are learning how bonds between sisters and seekers can be an invitation into right relationship—with our communities, with our spiritual traditions, with the land, and with the institutions and movements working to create a more beautiful future.

We have learned from many sisters about the changes that shaped their lives, about Vatican II and the Vatican’s investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and many more subtle shifts in between. Rather than being about “diminishment” of their way of life, their stories illuminate vitality, flexibility and acceptance of emergence, and a long view of history. They deal with leadership and power as communal, not individual, pursuits. We see in these stories, and the people who share them, living embodiments of the divine feminine—which seems only to be growing in response to the times.

Read their full reflection here.

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